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Disable Alarm

Keyera Solutions offers alarm systems designed to meet the safety and emergency communication needs of people with disabilities.

These EMS (emergency call system) ensure that people with disabilities receive the support and care they require during critical situations in hospitals and medical centers by delivering reliable emergency communication and facilitating fast reaction and help.

infant Security Systems

Keyera provides Infant security systems in the medical sector that are specialized solutions designed for the safety and security of newborns and infants in Hospitals and healthcare centers. These systems use modern technology to prevent illegal access, kidnapping, or accidental infant mix-ups.

Real time systems (Rtls)

Keyera provides Real-time Location Systems (RTLS), which are advanced technological solutions used in the healthcare sector to track important assets such as equipment, patients, and medical staff.

RTLS helps hospitals and healthcare centers track their medical equipment.

Also, it can be used to track and locate patients in a medical center, especially those who may have difficulties or require close monitoring.

RTLS helps track the movement of medical staff, such as doctors and nurses, facilitating coordination of activities, ensuring they are in the correct location at the right time, and maximizing workflow inside the hospital or medical center.

This advanced system supports hospitals and medical centers in keeping track of important assets, locating patients, and coordinating the movement of medical staff, ensuring that everyone is where they need to be for effective and appropriate treatment.

Nurse Call System

Keyera offers Nurse Call Systems created specifically for hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. These technologies are intended to allow patients to easily and effortlessly request assistance from nursing personnel or the healthcare team.

Keyera’s Nurse Call Systems can be conveniently placed next to the patient’s bed, allowing them to quickly activate the call for assistance when necessary.

The major purpose of Keyera Nurse Call Systems is to keep patients safe by providing a simple and quick way for patients to request assistance, the systems eliminate the need for patients to perform physical effort.

Mobility and care communication

Keyera Solutions provides a communication system intended exclusively for those with mobility issues. This system assists individuals in overcoming the barriers to properly expressing themselves and interacting with others.

The system utilizes innovative technology, allowing users to interact in a variety of ways based on their abilities and preferences.

Using speech recognition technology and customized features to enable clear and efficient communication, individuals with mobility limitations can overcome obstacles and communicate with others more successfully.

Renewable Energy

Keyera Solutions offers renewable energy systems that are an important element in the construction of smart cities since they promote sustainability, lowers carbon emissions, and improve energy resilience. Smart cities may produce cleaner, more efficient, and ecologically friendlier cities, by incorporating renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal power into their energy infrastructures. These renewable energy sources produce electricity without using limited resources or generating damaging greenhouse gases, therefore mitigating the effects of climate change.

IOT devices

IoT (Internet of Things) devices play an important role in the creation and implementation of smart city projects. These devices are networked and equipped with sensors, actuators, and communication capabilities, allowing them to collect and transmit data for various applications. In smart cities, IoT devices enable the integration of physical infrastructure, data analytics, and automation to improve efficiency, sustainability, and urban quality of life.

Security Signage

Keyera Solutions provides Security signage for cities includes a wide range of signs systems and solutions created to improve public safety and security in cities. These signs are strategically placed across the city to efficiently communicate critical information, provide directions, and act as reminders to residents, visitors, and law enforcement about security precautions and potential threats.

The main objective of security signage is to foster an environment that is secure and safe by raising awareness, advocating prevention, and responding quickly to security-related situations. These indicators serve as visual cues, prompting people to remain alert, follow specified processes, and take the required precautions to avoid any potential dangers.


Keyera Solutions provides metering for smart cities, which is the use of advanced metering technologies and systems to collect exact and up-to-date data on various utilities and resources within a city. These advanced meters are used to track and measure consumption, usage patterns, and other relevant information about energy, water, gas, and waste management.

Automation and control

Keyera Solutions provides automation and control, which play an important part in modern industries and systems because they use advanced technologies to streamline and improve processes. It includes the use of intelligent systems, sensors, and software to monitor, manage, and control various operations inside a system or environment.

The basic purpose of automation is to eliminate the need for human intervention and manual labor in routine or complex operations. By automating these operations, businesses can improve their efficiency, production, and accuracy.