Secured & Smart Education
Keyera Solutions offers innovative VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications solutions that transform how industries communicate. VOIP technology allows voice and multimedia communication to be sent over the internet, which has various advantages over traditional telephone networks.
Smart Classroom
Keyera Solutions provides Smart Classroom solutions that transform traditional learning environments into innovative, technology-driven spaces. These solutions implement advanced educational technologies and techniques to improve teaching and learning outcomes. Smart Classrooms generally include interactive screens or smart boards, which enable teachers to deliver engaging and interactive lessons.
Keyera Solutions provides advanced audiovisual solutions for secure and smart educational environments, with the goal of improving the learning experience while also ensuring a safe atmosphere for learning. These solutions use innovative audiovisual technology to improve communication, collaboration, and engagement in educational settings.
Comprehensive facility management
Keyera solutions provides comprehensive facility management systems created for secure and smart learning environments. This might involve access control systems, security cameras, and systems to detect intruders. Access control systems restrict entry to approved individuals, ensuring that only authorized personnel and students have access to particular areas. Such solutions are intended to assure the effective operation, maintenance, and security of educational institutions, while also using smart technologies to improve the overall learning experience.
Connected Services
Connected services enable smart education by changing traditional classrooms into sophisticated learning spaces. Keyera Solutions provides a variety of linked services aimed at improving the educational experience and facilitating the implementation of smart education projects.