Smart Buildings
Building Management
Keyera offers Building management for smart buildings involves integrating several technologies and systems that optimize operation, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort. This is accomplished through a Building Automation System (BAS), which centrally monitors and controls systems such as HVAC, lighting, security, and fire protection. Smart buildings use sensors and IoT devices to collect real-time data on aspects such as temperature, occupancy, and energy usage, enabling proactive management and personalized control. Energy management strategies, predictive maintenance, and data analytics offer increased energy efficiency and predictive decision-making. Personalized controls, indoor air quality monitoring, and adaptable surroundings all help to improve occupant comfort.
Life Safety Solutions
Keyera offers life safety solutions that include a variety of measures, technologies, and processes designed to ensure the safety and well-being of building occupants. These solutions aim to prevent, identify, and respond to potential threats and emergencies, creating a secure environment. These solutions’ key components include fire detection and suppression systems, emergency lighting and exit signs, emergency communication systems, evacuation plans and procedures, security systems, emergency response and routine maintenance and testing.
Intrusion and access control systems
Keyera provides Intrusion and access control systems are essential aspects of building security, collaborating to provide complete protection and improve safety within a building. these systems use sensors and detectors to detect and prohibit unauthorized entry or intrusion into the building or certain areas. These systems are essential in identifying suspicious actions and activating appropriate responses, such as raising alarms and informing security personnel
Power monitoring and emergency solutions
Keyera Solutions provides power monitoring and emergency solutions that are crucial in ensuring the stability and safety of electrical systems in buildings. Keyera’s power monitoring systems allow for the real-time monitoring and analysis of electrical characteristics like voltage, current, power quality, and energy consumption.